Chameleons come in every color you can think of. Most chameleons have many different colors but that just depends on the type of chameleon you are looking at. A lot of people are led to believe that chameleons change color to blend in with their surroundings but that isn't true they are born with a coloration to blend in with their environment, thats why most chameleons are green to blend in with the leaves high in the canopy of a tree where they live. But a chameleon will change color slightly brighter than its original color to scare or fend off other chameleons as a way to defend their land/ territory, the example video at the top of the page shows a chameleon changing color as a way to defend its self.People say that they think that the chameleons hat have the most colors are the coolest but you may think differently. You can also get a good idea of what type of chameleon you are looking at by the color and variations on their body. 

What type of chameleon is this?                                                      

    Can you tell what type of chameleon this is? If you didn't know already this is a Jackson chameleon. The way you can tell it's a Jackson chameleon is the distinct three horns on its forehead. Some people may say that they use these horns to fight and kill each other, but they are somewhat right, males use these horns as a way to fight for a female. And females pick their mates mostly depending on which male has bigger horns. This is a very helpful website if you want to learn more about chameleons.

What chameleon is this?

   Do you know what type of chameleon this is? If you didn't know this is a Panther chameleon. You can tell that this is a panther chameleon because it has a slightly thicker neck than most chameleons. A Panther chameleon is normally blue but can also be red or green. There are many different types of chameleons biologists believe that there are about 135 different types of chameleons living in every continent except for Antarctica.